May 2018 We exhibited at “OASIS 2018”.

※ The exhibition in Japan ended well. Thank you very much.
Holding in the Kingdom of Spain / Toledo City will be held from July 1st (Sun) June 29th, Friday (Friday).

This year, we have decided to participate in the biggest “OASIS 2018” as an art festival in western Japan.
The exhibition in Japan (Osaka) is May 18th (Fri) – 20th (Sun) in 2018. Please join us feel free to come.


● Date and time (Japan · Osaka)
Name: OASIS 2018 in Osaka
Session Period: May 18 (Fri) – 20 (Sunday) of 2018
Venue: OBP Twin 21 atrium 1F special large hall (Japan · Osaka-shi Kyobashi)

● Date and time (Toledo, Spain)
Name: OASIS 2018 in Toledo
Session Period: Friday, June 29, 2018 July – 1 (Sun)
Venue: Palacio · Congress “El Greco” / Salon · Sokodobert (Toledo City of Spain)

March, 2018 Fukui · Mihama 2018 SPRING It was introduced at “Sumisumi Mihama”.

It was introduced at Fukui · Mihama 2018 SPRING “Sumizumi Mihama” issued by Mihama Town, Commerce and Tourism Division.


I got a word from Mayor Mihama▼


I am expecting Daishi Daishi’s leap forward

In Mihama Town, tabloid paper packed with information such as promotional videos to promote the charm of the town and tourist resources of the town, with the cooperation of the great cloud way person (Mr. Masamitsu Awatani) which is active in the world so far Sumizumi Mihama journey “is produced.
In this fiscal year, we are planning a lecture with Mitsutoshi Tanaka, director of cherry blossoms that Mihama set in, in order to further promote the inbound measures of the town, and at the venue, the clouds drawn from the spirit of Zen in Japan We will also display a lot of work by Michijin.
The lecture is scheduled to be held at “Fukui Minami Aoyama 291” in Tokyo in mid-October this year. We are waiting for the coming of many of you.

Mihama town mayor Shintaro Yamaguchi 

March, 2018 We exhibited at “Exhibition of the Exhibition of the Arts and Crafts 2018”

※ We were terminated within the popularity. Thank you very much.

We exhibited at “Exhibition of the Exhibition of the Exhibition at the National Art Arts Exchange” (NIAEPP), held in Taiwan from 27th to 29th March.
We aim to contribute to the advancement of world art culture by doing business to promote international exchange by disseminating Japanese wonderful art and culture to various countries of the world. From around 4,000 candidate writers, we selected Japanese artists who meet the selection criteria and are promoting exchanges through that work.


●Welcome word

– Welcome word –
We are waiting for your coming from the heart of the Taichung Municipal Government.

This time, by the power of everyone in the end of March 2018 the second “Taiwan Arts Expo”
It is an honor to be held in Taichung City.
By all means at this opportunity, we will appreciate the work of each artist together with Taichung citizens even more
I do not stop believing that the power of beauty can be experienced by many people by knowing it.

We invited artists from all over Japan to use this place,
I would like to further reduce the distance between Taiwan and Japan.
Here, we pray for the success of this event and the “Taiwan Arts Exposition”
We have been growing further for a long time as Taiwan and Japan’s large art fair.
Taichung Municipal Government Tourism Travel Agency Director General Mr. Chen Mt.


●Official Premium Tour

●Date and time

Place: Taichung Municipal Government New Government Building (Bungee Hall / Hakuhinkan Hall / Kawado Concourse)
Days: 2018.3.27 (Tuesday) to 3.29 (Thurs) 10: 00 ~ 17: 30

March, 2018 “Exhibition of MINERVA 2018” was published.

“MINERVA 2018” was also published this year.

●A memorial reception party was held in March.

●Reception party party

●Became an honored guest member of the Royal Fine Arts Society of the UK

Okuno Michinori
In your MINERVA project,
In honor of its accomplishment that released excellent works,
Honorary guest member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of 2018-2019
I hereby prove to admit it.

●”Exhibition of MINERVA 2018″ will be held in the UK.
Following a statement by Queen Elizabeth II, an exhibition was held at Mar Galleries, established as the base of the Royal Fine Arts Society in the UK

Session Period: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 – Saturday, July 28,
Venue: Maru Galleries (MALL GALLERIES)

November 2017 We exhibited at the 3rd Fukui Charity Art Exhibition.

We exhibited at “3rd Fukui Charity Art Exhibition” held on Saturday, November 22.
This event will display works donated by people from the famous writers and writers who are active in Fukui Prefecture who are active in and outside the prefecture,
We aim to distribute to purchase applicants by bidding method, and to utilize that profit to promote social welfare activities within the prefecture.
The third theme continues to be “for the children who will support the future” from the previous survey,
We will utilize the profit from the distribution of the sponsorship work for the business in the field of child welfare.

Session period: November 22 (Sat) – 25 (Tue) from 10 am to 5 pm on the 25 th day on the last day until 4 pm
Venue: Fukui Culture Hall
Address: Fukui City Major 3 – chome 4 – 4 Fukui Broadcasting Center 5th Floor
Exhibits: Many books, paintings, ceramics crafts, photographs, etc. donated by writers and writers inside and outside the prefecture
Organizer: Social Welfare Corporation Fukui Prefecture Social Welfare Council

December 2017 We exhibited at the 24th Sesshu International Art Association Exhibition.

We exhibited at “The 24th Sesshu International Art Association Exhibition” to be held from 13th December.
Admission is free so please do not hesitate to watch it.


Session Period: Wednesday, 13th December 2017 to Sunday the 24th (Sun)
Hours: 10 am – 6 pm
Venue: National Art Center (1st Floor Exhibition Room 1C · 1D) 7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8558
Fee: Free admission

● REIJINSHA NEWS (Yukinosha news 115)
Sesshu Exhibition is an exhibition that conveyed the charm of books through a variety of works.

November 2017 “Heart exhibition in art” was held.

We exhibited at red feather citizen charity “art with heart exhibition” by famous writer Yongnam writer.
Admission is free so please do not hesitate to watch it.


Period: November 11 (Sat) – November 27 (Mon)
Place: Parea Wakasa Gallery
Fukui Prefecture Mikata Kamaka Group Wakasa cho Market 18-18 Parea Wakasa
Time: 9 o’clock – 20 o’clock (bidding till 18 o’clock)
Admission: Free

November 2017 2017 Aki Mihama “Come and see and stamp rally” will be held.

We are holding a stamp rally event which collaborated with related facilities of art and history in Mihama Town.
Anyone can participate, so please challenge.

Duration: November 1 (Wednesday) – November 30 (Thu)

●”Daiun-doujin Zen Painting Exhibition” will be held at the cooperation event.

Event name: Coming and watching the 28th Mihama Art Exhibition Collaboration Event “Naoyun Naoto Zen Picture Exhibition”
Place: Tokuoji Temple Gallery Koshiyoshi
Fukui Prefecture Mikata-gun Mihama cho, Saekin 25-18
Hours: 9: 00-17: 00
Fee: Free admission fee
Period: November 1 (Wednesday) – November 30 (Thursday)

October 2017 2017-2018 A.M.S.C. Project We exhibited at ARTE de JAPON “The 5th Art Maison Biennale 2017”.

2017-2018 A.M.S.C. Project ARTE de JAPON “The 5th Art Maison Biennale 2017” was held on October 13, 2017.


Venue: Cirque de Bejas Altes
Session Period: Friday, October 13, 2017 to Sunday 15th (Sun)
Organizer: A. M. S. C. Spain Headquarters
Operation: Reishi Co., Ltd.
Assistance: Embassy of Japan in Spain
Cooperation: Valle de Ros Suenos Foundation / Puebla de la Sierra village / Investigasion y alte / Andando Con L el Arte / Asseruarte / Puzzle / Kansai revitalization project


●「Presidente de la Sede de Espana de A.M.S.C.」Was awarded.

● Donate works to the Valle de Ros Suenos Foundation and contributed to the contributions,
I got “MECENAS DE HONOR (honorary literary supporter)”.

May 2017 We exhibited at “Takasaki City Gallery, Takasaki City Contemporary Art Title”.

On May 12 th (Friday) – 16 th (Tue), 2017, we exhibited three points of the work at the Takasaki City Gallery of Contemporary Art Prize Sakura Exhibition.

As a project commemorating the 55th anniversary of Soto Sect Boys’ Association of Gunma prefecture, we held the sanitization points of the monks of modern times.
It would be greatly appreciated if you touch Buddha’s “Tamisuke” through sansei and enrich your hearts.


●Contemporary master priest squirrel exhibition

Venue: Takasaki City Gallery (35-1 Takamatsu-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma Prefecture 370-0829)
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Price: Free admission

July 2017 We exhibited at the 25th International Peace Art Exhibition “WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2017”.

Several people in Japan as an artist seeking peace as art with art from the Gandhi Memorial Museum, which is a national institution of India’s world-renowned great peace “Mahatma Gandhi” > “International Peace Reward” will be awarded.

Along with that, we exhibited at the 25th International Peace Art Exhibition “WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2017” to be held in India (All Indian Arts and Crafts Association).

world peace2017-pan1 world peace2017-pan2 world peace2017-pan3 world peace2017-pan4

● July 15, 2017 – It was listed and stated at the International Peace Art Exhibition “WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2017” held at Tokyo Art Theater.
world peace2017-pan5 world peace2017-pan6world peace2017-pan7

world peace2017-s1world peace2017-s3world peace2017-s2
(State of domestic exhibition hall)

● National exhibition

Dates: Saturday, July 15, 2017 – Wednesday, July 18

Venue: Tokyo Art Theater 5th Exhibition Gallery 1, 2 (1-8-1 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)

● Overseas Exhibition

Dates: November 12, 2017 (Sunday) – November 15 (Wed)

Venue: All Indian Arts and Crafts Association AIFACS (ALL India Fine Arts & Crafts Society)

It was described in the 11th Monaco-Japan Art Festival 2017 in February 2017.

The eleventh Monaco Japan Art Festival was held from February 24th to 26th, 2017 at the exhibition “National Renier III Auditorium of Monaco”.
As an art festure as an annual official event in early spring in Monaco, we held many exhibitors and it was held lively.
We received a high reputation from many art lovers in Monaco, such as receiving the work of the great cloud way person “The Art and Culture Award” .
We will continue to inform you that we received more praise from visitors such as curators and curators of Monaco and France.

monaco14_01 Landscape within the venue

● It was described in the 11th Monaco · Japan Art Festival 2017.

● I won the Monaco · Japan Art Festival “Art and Culture Award” at the 11 th Monaco · Japan Art Festival 2017 .


May 2017 We exhibited at the 22nd OASIS 2017.

We exhibited at “22nd OASIS 2017” held on May 19 (Fri) to May 21 (Sunday) 2017.
Also this year, I participate in the biggest oasis as an art festival in western Japan.




oasis2017-4 oasis2017-3oasis2017-5

Because the people of Ozumo street are waiting for you at the venue on the first day of the exhibition (19th), I am waiting for you to come to the venue from the bottom of my heart.


The state of the first day of the last year’s session


Date: May 19th (Fri) – 21st (Sun) in 2017

Location: “OBP Twin 21 Atrium 1F Special Hall” (Osaka · Kyobashi)
Venue Access: Osaka Subway Tsurumi Green Area Osaka Business Park Station Exit 4
JR Kyobashi Station West Exit
Keihan Train Keihan Kyobashi Station West Exit
Venue URL: