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In the Department of Paintings “Le Salon“ of International Competition traditional of France, painted Daruma Daishi work was was shining brilliantly “bronze medal“.
Among inconvenient, it is woven it is you worked as a priest now in a wheelchair life of the body.
This work was portrayed from the spirit of Zen in Japan, is what level of skill and competence of the painter is highly valued power of expression is rich in humorous.
Heh teacher, everyone. Areas where weak people understand by “wheelchair life began, it has become to be able to express through painting, I did not know at the time of a healthy body, the heart of gratitude for many things we walked with a big heart and a “Yukitai to give back to. You are drawn to the next of the following work that can be represented as it is completely different Daruma Daishi drawn a long time ago, in-depth, the feeling of yourself.
Held in Palea Wakasa solo exhibition was in commemoration of the 50th anniversary Gagyo in September 2012, we have donated to the town and want to help social welfare and all proceeds from here.
So that we do that through a solo exhibition in the future, will delight in inconvenient everyone of the body such as wheelchairs to welfare organizations if there is sales of paintings, we have been told that it wants to social contribution.
I wish that I have in mind to health in the future, it will be more and more active you.

Wakasa mayor: Yutaka Morishita