March, 2018 “Exhibition of MINERVA 2018” was published.

“MINERVA 2018” was also published this year.

●A memorial reception party was held in March.

●Reception party party

●Became an honored guest member of the Royal Fine Arts Society of the UK

Okuno Michinori
In your MINERVA project,
In honor of its accomplishment that released excellent works,
Honorary guest member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of 2018-2019
I hereby prove to admit it.

●”Exhibition of MINERVA 2018″ will be held in the UK.
Following a statement by Queen Elizabeth II, an exhibition was held at Mar Galleries, established as the base of the Royal Fine Arts Society in the UK

Session Period: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 – Saturday, July 28,
Venue: Maru Galleries (MALL GALLERIES)