March, 2018 Fukui · Mihama 2018 SPRING It was introduced at “Sumisumi Mihama”.

It was introduced at Fukui · Mihama 2018 SPRING “Sumizumi Mihama” issued by Mihama Town, Commerce and Tourism Division.


I got a word from Mayor Mihama▼


I am expecting Daishi Daishi’s leap forward

In Mihama Town, tabloid paper packed with information such as promotional videos to promote the charm of the town and tourist resources of the town, with the cooperation of the great cloud way person (Mr. Masamitsu Awatani) which is active in the world so far Sumizumi Mihama journey “is produced.
In this fiscal year, we are planning a lecture with Mitsutoshi Tanaka, director of cherry blossoms that Mihama set in, in order to further promote the inbound measures of the town, and at the venue, the clouds drawn from the spirit of Zen in Japan We will also display a lot of work by Michijin.
The lecture is scheduled to be held at “Fukui Minami Aoyama 291” in Tokyo in mid-October this year. We are waiting for the coming of many of you.

Mihama town mayor Shintaro Yamaguchi