March, 2018 We exhibited at “Exhibition of the Exhibition of the Arts and Crafts 2018”

※ We were terminated within the popularity. Thank you very much.

We exhibited at “Exhibition of the Exhibition of the Exhibition at the National Art Arts Exchange” (NIAEPP), held in Taiwan from 27th to 29th March.
We aim to contribute to the advancement of world art culture by doing business to promote international exchange by disseminating Japanese wonderful art and culture to various countries of the world. From around 4,000 candidate writers, we selected Japanese artists who meet the selection criteria and are promoting exchanges through that work.


●Welcome word

– Welcome word –
We are waiting for your coming from the heart of the Taichung Municipal Government.

This time, by the power of everyone in the end of March 2018 the second “Taiwan Arts Expo”
It is an honor to be held in Taichung City.
By all means at this opportunity, we will appreciate the work of each artist together with Taichung citizens even more
I do not stop believing that the power of beauty can be experienced by many people by knowing it.

We invited artists from all over Japan to use this place,
I would like to further reduce the distance between Taiwan and Japan.
Here, we pray for the success of this event and the “Taiwan Arts Exposition”
We have been growing further for a long time as Taiwan and Japan’s large art fair.
Taichung Municipal Government Tourism Travel Agency Director General Mr. Chen Mt.


●Official Premium Tour

●Date and time

Place: Taichung Municipal Government New Government Building (Bungee Hall / Hakuhinkan Hall / Kawado Concourse)
Days: 2018.3.27 (Tuesday) to 3.29 (Thurs) 10: 00 ~ 17: 30