Daikumo-dojin (Awaya Masamitsu)

Daiun-doujin (Awaya Masamitsu)

Positive Gwangsan Toku-shoji priest

(gold Gwangsan SoDentera priest)

Address:25-18, Sakaki, Mihama town, Mikata-Gun,
Fukui, Japan. 919-1132

There is a teaching that “absorbed in line” in the world of Zen.
It is master of its way whenever you are vegetarian approach to hard one thing just continued long earnestly.
Still at the halfway point yet Egaki the first time a picture but can not be a master, but I also have passed fifty years if you noticed.
And on the verge a solo exhibition “Michiwa” in Beijing-day arts and culture exchange exhibition Beijing Olympic year 2008, which celebrated its sixtieth birthday, the end of major surgery, was rambling to life in critical condition of the unconscious and spinal cord injury although, now has also forced to live in a wheelchair.
It is not possible to accept that it will not walk life at the time, came to be trouble suffering but the people in the community even after suffering from a severe illness, “life had you saved to Buddha once”, and warm it is not the same as ever was Mashi under .. and welcome.
I think that while thanks to the friendship, and that if you can contribute but little to the local social welfare and became strong.
The narrower the behavior and activities range than before RyoYo, live every day in a wheelchair, is multiplied by the extra worry to parishioner while rehabilitation, we apologize for the spam after discharge.
It is today that can not be served as the chief priest also serve as before as a priest while receiving assistance and assistant also runs various events each temple two of his disciples to (son).
It is now considered as gradually and have to change the way of life that you no longer walk in the reality that I can not walk.
It had given up it would not have to brush twice and in life after discharge through the hospitalization of two years, Let there be a solo exhibition in the town to commemorate the fifty anniversary Gagyo, also sponsored by the Wakasa, Mihama Ryocho Executive Committee was established, and received official town, a lot of heavy responsibility, cooperation of Joshin, the service, charity exhibition could be held in the grand conclusion together two weeks large cloud road person exhibition.
Thanks, I was able to Mihama, and Wakasa Ryocho, to donate the profits to social welfare council.
Including charity activities, and has continued to donate works to be public facilities as part of giving back to the local people until today.
Also over the years, we have been exhibitors cooperation both social welfare council, Zenseikyo Foundation Ken Lingnan in (All Japan Buddhist Church) Various Bokuseki exhibition, but the bronze medal in the first 224 Kyle Salon France World Competition last year contact etc. solo exhibition exhibitors and requests from all over Europe is also many exhibitors request, in Japan after winning, attitude to tackle and my own production willingness now send the days when it was further enriched.
In the future by opening the home page of Daikumo road people to new Lata received the cooperation of Nishii Mr. Ltd. interface’s like with a whole new website up to now activities because you can not do it enough by himself in the wheelchair center we decided to Lata Kokoro-shin that charity to sell part of the work in conjunction with the work announcement, go to donate to charity, such as social welfare and the profits.
Starting from the donation of wheelchairs from local, will be vegetarian effort in social activities that can be also a disability but a little on the rich step by step content while receiving opinions and guidance of those concerned gradually for the time being.

1948 Born in Yamaguchi
Meditate Bokuseki than modern exhibition catalogs
1963 Enrolled in Tatara Gakuen High School He studied in Fine Arts Exhibition writer Tadain large artist(High school, undergraduate studies undergraduate)
1967 Komazawadaigaku Buddhism undergraduate admission
1970 first time positive light exhibition
1971 Omoto mountain Training in Eiheiji Temple
1972 Enroll in Hiroshima University Faculty of Letters ethics laboratory
1974 Shuzo Azuchi (4 years) at Ehime Prefecture Edo-ji Temple special monastery
1981 Will SoDenji priest in Fukui Mikata town
1985 Exhibited in Fukui Prefecture celebrity writer Exhibition – The ongoing exhibit currently under
1988 Exhibited at Nara Silk Road Exposition modern Meditate Bokuseki Exhibition
(It was well received in Los Angeles) has been exhibited at the exhibition Bokuseki world religion during the meeting
Image issue than acknowledge receipt seventy-seven Kanshu Niwa Zenji RenKaoru Daihonzan Eiheiji (Daiun-doujin)
1989 To celebrate the anniversary twenty-five Gagyo in Fukui newspaper gallery opening, special exhibitions, etc. Se~tsunoki series
Holding of “the heart of Zen to learn in the corner”
Kyoto Meditate high priest Bokuseki Exhibitor three-way town cultural festival special exhibition
Meditate Bokuseki than modern exhibition catalogs
1990 TouSekken series continuous solo exhibition
(Eiheiji Beijing gallery, Tsuruga gallery, etc. contact eaves, in Takaoka Kodaiji)
1992 Will be responsible for one year on the cover of (Karakasamatsu) organ paper of Eiheiji
1993 Special exhibition Kanazawa special exhibition at Eiheiji Karakasamatsu Pavilion
1995 He moved as a lecturer to the Los Angeles Zen Center
30 anniversary solo exhibition at Gagyo Fukui newspaper gallery
1996 Exhibited “gathering high priest Meditate Bokuseki Exhibition of three treasures” at Kyoto Kintetsu Department Store Co., Ltd. Art Gallery
The solo exhibition in Kyoto Shoyeido
Leading national youth indoctrination consultation sponsored by (modern name Meditate Bokuseki Exhibition) Exhibition-present
1997 The priest in the tokusyouji in Mihama
Tokusyouji series solo exhibition by twice every year
The exhibitions at the national as a modern Meditate Bokuseki Exhibitor work
2001 Solo exhibition at Gallery petting mansion Tsuruga nuclear power plants of the water in the Obama forest
Solo exhibition, Tousekken series held, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza “Gallery Ginza”
Meditate Bokuseki than modern exhibition catalogs
2002 It will be published in Japanese Art “ink painting” (Bijutsunenkansha)
Solo exhibition at Gallery petting Tsuruga nuclear power plants in August
The solo exhibition in November, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza “Gallery Ginza” in Nevember
2003 40 anniversary tournament Meditate Bokuseki Exhibition (Tokyo Akasaka Prince Hotel) Exhibition
The (each venue Megumegu together) Ginza gallery exhibition exhibitors in August
Solo exhibition at Gallery and petting Tsuruga nuclear power plants in September
2004 Nantan ShiAkira Hayashiji priest
40th Anniversary traveling exhibition Daiun-Doujin
Gallery petting Tsuruga nuclear power plants in September
Yamashiroonsen Fujiya Hotel Gallery in October
Tokyo Ginza, Chuo-ku, “Gallery Ginza” in November
Gallery Kuniyoshi (Toku-shouji Mihama) in August-September
2005 Friendship Tsuruga nuclear power plants at Gallery Solo Exhibition in September (5 times)
2008 Japan-China Olympic year cultural exchange art exhibition “Doukan”
(Beijing, China canto museums, galleries, petting Tsuruga nuclear power plants, Tokyo Ginza Gallery)
Bijutsunenkansha to be published in the “Four Seasons of Japan” Japanese art
2010 Bijutsunenkansha to be published in Art Yearbook V “ink painting”
Exhibited at the 43rd modern Meditate Bokuseki Exhibition
Le Salon
2011 Exhibited at 2011 44th Exhibition of Contemporary Meditate Bokuseki
2012 Exhibited at the 45th Exhibition of Contemporary Meditate Bokuseki
Falun large pavilion, which will be published in the (Feb. Intro) Large Falun
50th Anniversary Gagyo solo exhibition (held at the same time: Charity Exhibition)
Held at Palea Wakasa, sponsored by Mihama & Wakasa
“… To draw a life-Zen that I had Buddha” Memorial Lecture
2013 ・Will be published in the Bijutsu-ya hundred Samurai No26
・Exhibited Association as non-member inspection in 2013
“Sesshu International Art Association Tokyo Museum Special Exhibition”
・Exhibited at the 20th International Art Association Sesshu Exhibition
・Exhibited at International Art Association Sesshu special exhibition 2013
・Exhibited 224th Le Salon to be published V beauty of Japan in the
“Mount Fuji” in (Paris, France) Department of Paintings
・Japanese prize 2,000 (Japanese 199 persons) of 44 persons: world public offering
・Won the bronze medal in the first participation
2014 20 anniversary commemoration Co. founder’s beauty (Hankyu Department Store Umeda Head Office)
Exhibiting at bridge Exhibition Hokushinetsu representative of J.arts BRIDGE ~ Japanese Art
・January 11th – 13th “Bridge Exhibition of Japanese Art” (Hankyu Department Store Umida Main Store) Hokuriku Representative Exhibition
・May 16 – 18 “East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Project Arts Festival” (OBP Twin Atrium Sendai Venue) The 19th Oasis Blooming Art Bloom 2014 in Osaka
・June 5 – August 15 Daiun-doujin Zengoku “DARUMA DAISHI Exhibition” (Akasakasakas Gallery TBS)
・June 22 – June 24 Exhibition of the sound of German arts exhibition Tokyo · Berlin Arts Grand Prize Berlin Charlottenburg Palace Grocée Orangery Tokyo Ikebukuro Art Institute
・July 1 – 6 “wa to kokoro Exhibition” planning exhibition (Ginza Seigetsu – dō)
・July 9 – August 6 “Praying art exhibition” (hosted by honorary president of the French Arts Association) (French Paris Adrenne temple Sal Royale venue
・August 10 – 29 Italy Gubbio Japan Art Selected Art Award Exhibition Best Gold Award Japan Italy Culture and Art Exchange Awards Japan
・October 8 – 23 “Heart exhibition in art” ~ reinan writer’s charity exhibition ~ (Parea Wakasa Gallery) Wakasa welfare council
・November 3 – 4 “Lusalon Bronze Award Commemorative Exhibition” Daiun-doujin Exhibition (Mihama Town Lifelong Learning Center nabiasu)
・November 22 – 25 “3rd Fukui Charity Art Exhibition” (Fukui Culture Hall) Fukui Prefecture Social Welfare Council
・November 25 – 30 “The 225 Rusalon 2014 World Competition” (France Paris Grand Palais) “nyozen” Winner (2nd year in a row)
・December 10 – 22 “The 21st Sesshū International Art Association Exhibition” (Tokyo Roppongi National Art Center, Tokyo) Special non-screening writer Continuous 3 prize winners
2015 Heisei 27th edition “Art Yearbook” Posted by Rusalon “nyozen”
・May At “shingetsu-in” (treasure museum), daruma painting solo exhibition
・June Daiun-doujin Picture Book (Zen heart learned by sumi) Issued Issued at the El Taju Art Museum
・June In the Paris · Marais district Orsay Gallery in France, “Daiun-doujin exhibition”
・August Participation at the Madeleine temple in Paris, “Permanent Peace Exhibition”
・August “Sesshū International Art Association · Special Exhibition” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, exhibition cooperation
・September “German Arts and Sound Exhibition” Exhibition Arts Awards (Second consecutive award winning)
・November France · Le Salon (winning for 3 consecutive years)
2016 ・January Art Yearly Companies Le Salon Prize-winning works posted
・Published in March “Sesshū International Art Association Yearbook”
・April “Spain · Art Maison International” exhibited works
・April 6 – 9 “World Art · Dubai 2016 Exhibition” Exhibition Commemorative Magazine
・April 18th – 21th “Japan / European Exchange Exhibition” Founded at Sumida Riverside Gallery Found ART Japan-Europe Art Grand Prize (3rd year Continuous Art Grand Prize)
・May, August In celebration of a solo exhibition in France, donated Wakasa Town, Mihama Town, DARUMA picture heimgaku to the two towns
・May May 21 Oasis 2016 Exhibition at OBP Twin 21 Atom, Osaka-shi Chuo-ku
・June 70 Japan and Germany 70th anniversary · Germany reunification 25th anniversary – Prayer of peace – Japan-Germany International Peace Art Grand Prize won
・June 30 – July 9 Exhibited at the 1st Art International Project
・October “Winning 227th Le Salon World Competition” receive] a prize (4 consecutive years)
・November 10 – Culture people related to Wakasaji “Daiun-doujin exhibition” gallery Kuniyoshi being held
・November 11 – 28, reinan collaboration”Heart exhibition in art” exhibited
・November 18 – 21 Exhibition at the prefectural corporate cooperative “The 5th Fukui Charity Art Exhibition”
・November 18-22 Exhibition at the Japan-China Friendship Center Museum Tokyo “Chunichi Zen Culture and Document Exchanges Exhibition”
2017 ・February 14th – 19th “227th France Le Salon Exhibition” Exhibition Winning (4th consecutive year)
・February 24 – 26 “11th Monaco / Japan Art Festival 2017” Exhibition “Art and Culture Prize” prize
・May – “29th zen culture Horakami bokuseki No. 13” (Gallery, work introduction)
・May 12 th – 16 th Foundation 55 th anniversary commemorative “Contemporary master priest’s painting exhibition” Charity exhibition
・May 19-21 “22nd OASIS 2017” Exhibition
・May 30 – June 2 Exhibition in the UK “MINERVA 2017 exhibition”(Honorary member)
・15th – 18th July Exhibition “The 25th India International Peace Art Exhibition WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2017”
(Several people in Japan)
・October 13th – 15th 2017-2018 A.M.S.C. Project ARTE de JAPON “5th Art Maison Biennale 2017” Exhibition
・November 1 – November 30 “2017 Fall Mihama coming and looking around and showing stamp rally” Daiun – doujin zen exhibition (collaboration event) holding Gallery Kuniyoshi
・November 10 – November 13 Exhibition “WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2017 in INDIA” exhibited
・November 11 – November 27 “Charity exhibition at art” exhibition
・December “Japanese Art × Hermitage” stated
・December 13 – 24 “Exhibition at the 24th Sesshū International Art Association Exhibition”
2018 ・Described in January “Heisei 30th edition” Art Yearbook “”, work description
・February “dai hōrin” listed in the opening page of February issue
・February “228th France Le Salon Exhibition” Exhibition prize (5 consecutive years)
・March UK x Japan “Exhibition of MINERVA 2018” published
・March 27th to 29th Taiwan × Japan “Taiwan Art Fair 2018” exhibition
・March Fukui Mihama 2018 SPRING “Sumizumi Mihama” Mihama cho Commercial and tourism division issue (introduction)
・May 18 – 20 “Osaka & Toledo Osaka-shi Kyobashi OBP Twin 21 Atrium OASIS 2018” Exhibited
・June 29 – July 1 “OASIS 2018 in Toledo” Exhibited in Toledo, Spain